Month: December 2014

More 80s South African left analyses –> Social Review 15 [1981] [Mowbray]

Class analysis and anti-capitalist approach to the anti-apartheid struggle. Analysis of various issues. By “Social Research Agency” in Mowbray, Cape Town.

Social Review 15 [1981] [Mowbray]


UDF – Isizwe v 7 n 2 (1986)

Journal of United Democratic Front (South Africa) from 1986. While in the board ANC tradition, sectors of the UDF expressed a radical, “people’s power,” bottom-up strategy of prefiguration, for a South Africa radically transformed economically and politically – with one, non-racial, nation to be forged on justice, of all races.

Articles in this issue include a classic statement on “Building People’s Power.”

The PP strategy was at odds however with another UDF tent: a “national democratic” alliance of all “oppressed” and “democrats” against apartheid, on the broadest possible lines. Obviously this meant the survival of capitalism and the state, since only trough concessions to capitalists and state managers could such an alliance include the (oppressed) black and (progressive) white bourgeoisie.

Two articles in this issue outline this NDS approach.

get the issue: Isizwe – UDF – v 7 n 2